543 Day Writing Journey

Finally! Day 199.

I write to honor my late husband, Roger L. Adams, Jr. Click HERE to read more.

I have been waiting so see this in print for weeks now! I interviewed with a couple in Willard who run a rescue. They take in all animals, but specialize in special needs and ones on the kill-list at local shelters, including livestock. (They have a chicken with use of only one leg and she has a therapy rabbit. They sleep together!)

PawPrints Magazine, a publication who is “dedicated to saving the lives of homeless animals by promoting shelter adoptions,” liked the story I wrote and decided to put it in their twentieth anniversary edition! Yes, I’m happy to have my footprint on a North Carolina publication, but more than that, this magazine helps stray animals find their homes.

Please read about this incredibly important rescue in Eastern North Carolina. (It’s where we adopted Wanda from.) These selfless humans are sacrificing so much of their own time and money just to seek out the light, and boy is it shining on them.

Click here to read it on pages 40 and 41 (drum roll): “A Voice for Feathers and Fur” by Teresa Forester Adams

3 thoughts on “Finally! Day 199.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    I enjoyed reading your “fine” article, “A Voice for Feathers & Fur” this morning… “Great job”, and very well written!!! Their publication is well done, and I hope that many people get to read through it, and perhaps adopt one of their animals in need of a new home!!!
    Uncle Lee

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  2. So proud of you!! And great way to spread the mission they are doing to help these animals have a better life and fine their forever homes. ❤️

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