543 Day Writing Journey

My Conscious is Streaming. Day 200.

It’s so cool to help people spend time at places that look like this.

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I have a list of topics to write about and refer to it quite often, but today I will just wing it. Max, Baylee, and I have been outside most of the day, working in the yard and garden, and repairing some broken items such as the flag holder on the front porch, and we replaced the plastic dryer vent cover on the back deck with a steel one. I taught Max how to use a hole saw so we could put the umbrella over our picnic table, and we planted red and green bell peppers, and also serranoes and jalapenos.

Sam is working today, but I’m not and it’s weird. I was in the office every day last week, but next week I will go in only on Wednesday and work the rest of the time from home. Although I know working from home is the best thing for the family right now, and I do love being here with the animals, Max, and Baylee, I miss being behind the computer at work (still weird) and seeing people and learning the systems.

My new coworkers (still weird to say that, too) are really cool people, funny, kind, and so respectful. The office has this homey feel, like I don’t feel like I have to be anything other than myself. It’s almost like a house, too, with different rooms and I already talked about the kitchens, and people will warm food and you can smell it dancing through the air. Also, it’s so close to the ocean and the air is beachy and breezy. I just love the people. and our leader, Dara, doesn’t fit into the standard definition of the word boss.

Dara is like the mama of the office, always listening and advising, but allowing her office kids to grow. She always asks if we need something, and her door is open all the time. Nobody seems to worry about going to her, and her warm, receptive nature is the reason for that. I tend to apologize too much about, well, everything, but I already know I can go to her and she won’t feel bugged, or roll her eyes, or whisper about me later. She doesn’t breathe down backs, and although she has expectations of us, she trusts that we’ll fulfil those in our own way without nagging or continuously checking up on us. She’s just real and I treasure her.

Although I miss spending the day with Dara and my new coworkers, I know I will find balance between there and home, and with the boys’ help, I will be able to do it successfully and happily. Max, Baylee, and I went to our little coffee shop in Wallace this morning and ran a few errands, and I did notice how much more I was appreciating it. Before, I had all the time in the world, and now I have to manage it differently and appreciate the off-time more.

This life-change is a big one but I tend to diminish the gravity of it when I speak of it. It’s huge and so freaking cool! It’s not a new me, but a part of me that was tucked away so I could spend my time raising my boys, going to school, and figuring out how to live life after the world tossed me hurdles to hop over, some little and easy to step over, and others I needed help jumping. But we’re making progress and looking straight.

Forward ever. It’s happening.

2 thoughts on “My Conscious is Streaming. Day 200.”

  1. I was thinking about you gardening yesterday and your hands getting beautifully tanned. Thank you for your kind words. So excited for you, your family (and, ok, for me, too)!

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