543 Day Writing Journey

Watching People Eat. Day 202.

I love watching people eat, not listening, at all, but watching. Social media has offered the world videos of everything, and many of them include people pigging out.

Now, listening is another story and if you know me, you know I don’t like the sound of certain things like chewing, smacking, or even loud swallowing. I put significant effort into overcoming those feelings of violence that grow inside me when someone slurps their coffee or snaps their Trident, and rhythmic chewing doesn’t bother me as much as erratic dissonance. I’m actually better at overcoming my annoyance than ever, but we digress.

So, eating: I just love watching people eat. When a cooking video offers us a reel of humans tasting the food, especially if they take a huge, messy bite, it makes me want to eat that food, even if I don’t normally. Heck, they could be eating a deep-fried purple flip flop and I will want to learn the recipe, make the food, then eat it like a chicken who just found an orphaned baby mouse. (I’ve seen that once. Fascinating and terrifying.)

I’m not disgusted when people on video talk with their mouth full, or when I can see the ABC ingredients in their mouths. I just want to be part of their party, and try what they’re having.

Why do I talk about this? Not sure. I was watching a clip of the Drew Barrymore show the other day, and she made, along with the help of her culinary contributor, Eitan Bernath, watermelon salad. I might try the recipe, but like I said, it doesn’t matter what the food is. Barrymore, after the dish is completed, took her fork, stabbed a chunk of watermelon like it killed her cat or something, and stuffs the too-big piece into her smirking mouth. She chews but doesn’t wait until it’s digested to talk. I’m obsessed with watching it, and not in a fetish or creepy way, but dang, I just love it.

Here’s the clip: https://www.thedrewbarrymoreshow.com/videos/eitan-bernaths-watermelon-salad-is-the-perfect-dish-for-summer

So, now that I’d finished writing, and have completed my first at-home work day, I will make some food. I won’t video it, but I may just look in the mirror while I feast.

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