543 Day Writing Journey

Haiku. Day 208.

I’m a fan of free verse poetry because there are no rules so my thoughts aren’t choked by a need to rhyme or be a certain length, but today I thought it would be fun to explore some other types of poetry. I started easy with the haiku.

A haiku uses a five-seven-five pattern which means it has three lines where the first and last have five syllables, while the middle one has seven. It’s pretty simple and fun. I encourage you to try it. Here are five I wrote today:

He took the free test,
and waited fifteen minutes.
Only a head cold.

I see many flaws,
so I run it through filters.
I post the O.G.

Leftover apples,
exist in sweet dewy bread,
fried in cast iron.

For Salsa
Planters made of peat,
cilantro’s first nursery,
melt in black soil.

She side-eyes the dog,
and scurries only when safe,
to her mate and babes.

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