543 Day Writing Journey

Egg Baby Driving Test. Day 211.

An actual egg baby that hatched for us three years ago! Mr. Jarndyce

I still can’t believe I’ve posted something on here for 211 days straight! I feel so confident in my writing now, not enough to not go over it a million times first, and also not confident enough to not freak out when someone, probably Sammy, points out a mistake in my writing. I’m happy to have been exercising my brain and typing hands, though, and I feel like this collection will one day be some sort of cool thing for the boys and maybe their kids even.

I’m not kidding at all. Sam loves finding mistakes in my writing. It’s very convenient to me. He makes none. Today, he texted me after I was done with work and referred to an email I sent to many people.

“You said singing off instead of signing off.”

“Oops.” I write a lot, I told him. My stats are still very good. I still went through the whole palms are sweaty mom’s spaghetti because I don’t like making mistakes.

So, I’ve said before that I have a list of ideas of what to write about if I ever have writer’s block, and today I noticed something that said, “Egg baby driving test” so I suppose I’ll share that today.

When I was sixteen and going for my driving test at the Westfield Registry of Motor Vehicles, I was also taking a child development class and I was doing a project where I had to keep a raw egg safe and uncracked for a period of time.

It was my turn to get in the car and drive with a very scary RMV worker, when she said to me, “You’re going to take your baby, aren’t you?”

“Excuse me?” I was robotically nervous. I proceeded to get into the car.

“Your baby. You can’t just leave it behind.”

“OK,” I answered, lingering my stare at the woman, not quite understanding the concept of breaking the ice at my young age.

I took the little whicker basket that held Kaitlyn and buckled her into the back middle seat. I didn’t even smile, but everyone else did. I felt it.

I ended up passing my road test that day, maybe because I was completely embarrassed and the RMV rep felt sorry for me, or maybe because my driving was really good. I also got an A on that egg project, and had my own baby less than a year later. Still waiting on the grade with that one. Technically, he’s kind of like my boss now so I must have done something right.

2 thoughts on “Egg Baby Driving Test. Day 211.”

  1. Wow 211 days! That’s something to be proud of. I thoroughly enjoy reading whatever you come up with. Keep up the good work! PS… I’m proofreading this! Ha ha!

    Liked by 1 person

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