543 Day Writing Journey

Bullets. Day 221.

Because I’ve been cooking all day and prepping for the holiday, I will bullet some thoughts and points that I have recently written down:

  • “We don’t know what they’ve seen.” -Sam (It fits pretty much anywhere. Try it.)
  • Are we all variants in different timelines and universes?
  • I like when flies walk on me.
  • I almost named Tyler, Cody.
  • Next week I will buy my white Jasmin plant with my very own money that I made.
  • I love Bose.
  • I feel like I could talk about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood all day long.
  • Our house in Southampton, the one we call Wolcott, had (probably still has) a large area covered in Lilies of the Valley
  • If you haven’t listened to the This is Us soundtrack I don’t know what’s wrong with you.
  • My job is pretty swag.
  • I got into trouble once because I was taking care of Tyler’s Nano pet while I was working as a waitress. (It could have died and Tye was in school.)
  • Don’t argue your point then back down when I say ok.
  • In two weeks I have to climb 43 stories.
  • “This is either gonna help a little or hurt a whole lot.” Ted Lasso
  • Sam said our new couch smells like Payless shoe store.
  • Good memories are sadder than bad ones.
  • I bought a paper atlas.
  • Artificial sweetener is crap.

Read about my husband HERE.

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