543 Day Writing Journey

Because I’ve Done Enough. Day 228.

I am tired and don’t really know what to write about, so I will list what I’ve done. Don’t get too excited:

  • I worked my last couple work hours for the week.
  • I planted replacement tomatoes because the others, sans Olaf, are resting in peace after too many freezing mornings.
  • I went to Walmart and bought lots of groceries. (I don’t love Walmart.)
  • I washed my Jeep.
  • I made Milky Way brownies.
  • I went to Auto Zone to buy windshield washer fluid because bugs plus Interstate 40 plus a straight-up Jeep windshield don’t mix. Actually, they do mix, too well.
  • I weeded and watered the veggie, herbs, and flowers.
  • I made vanilla ice cream.

And, I’m not done.

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