543 Day Writing Journey

New Drivers. Day 234.

Max finally earned his driver’s license! Due to him not being in a rush, COVID restrictions at the RMV in Massachusetts, and one failed attempt, it took longer than he would have liked. He got it, though. He practiced and studied and went in there knowing what he was doing. We were both very freaked out, but when he rounded that corner, I saw that smile his dad gave him stuck on his face, and I knew.

It’s so nice to have another driver in the house, convenient. He still loves when I ask him to run to the store (for now), and he and Baylee have frequented Subway a few times already. Although he is excited and relived to finally have his license and a new, independent life, he’s still nervous.

So, be nice! People are not the kindest to new drivers, always assuming they are seasoned. They don’t ever think even for a minute that the driver who is going too slowly in their opinion is new and careful. And you know what, I may be guilty of this, too.

I’ve been reminded that my patience is more important now, because the person who is holding me up from getting to work early, and the one who takes turns too slowly, just may be a novice. We all need that reminder.

3 thoughts on “New Drivers. Day 234.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    While I do have “tolerance” for new drivers out there on the open roads, I do not have tolerance for those who are still pre-occupied with their cell phones, while they text and talk; (especially when the lights turn green, and I’m behind them)!!!
    I’m now old and grumpy now, and I need to get to where I’m going, while I still can, before it’s too late!!!
    Max; if you ever see me behind you, on the road, just stick your left arm out of the window, and wave me on by you!!! (I promise I won’t get too close to your rear bumper)!!!
    Uncle Lee 🙂

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  2. Congratulations, Max! Slow and steady! Don’t let others intimidate you to “speed it up”. Go at your own reasonable pace. Be safe and smart….kinda like your Mom!

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