543 Day Writing Journey

What it’s Like to Climb that High. Day 237.

In case you don’t know, we just climbed 43 stories at the Museum Tower in Charlotte, NC to help support the Tunnel to Towers foundation. Our team raised $1,206 for the foundation!

We did train for the event, but only on the treadmill and outside. No stairs were involved, and we weren’t sure what to expect. The days leading up the the event, I became more and more nervous, hoping I could at least finish the climb.

The morning of the event, Max, Baylee, and I woke up early. Sitting around waiting to leave, I could feel the adrenaline having no outlet, tearing up my insides, begging for employment.

We left our hotel, along with Roger’s sister, Sherry, and walked a short distance to the Museum Tower. There, we were met by many other climbers, supporters, and local politicians and television personalities. There was a fun warm-up and beautiful displays. First responders, volunteers, and other home recipients were there, including fire fighters in full turnout gear. (They climbed with that extra sixty pounds.)

After some time, they told us to line up. My butterflies were raging but some chatter and comradery amongst other climbers was fuel. After a few moments, it was our time to climb.

The stairwell was concrete, brightly lit, and decorated with inspirational posters that said things like “You can do it” and “Remember why you started.” People were staged in places to cheer us on, but after the first ten floors, I truly wondered if I could do it.

Someone asked me what it was like, and I said it was more mental than I thought it would be. I knew I had to use my mind as well as my body, but I was becoming unsure, until, that is, I saw Roger’s photo on floor twenty-two.

It’s odd that it was the official floor that was the half-way point of the climb, so I kept on, Thighs burning and lungs screaming, and finally made it.

After it was done, I felt high, almost euphoric, and went on my phone to see when the next event was. Myrtle Beach has a 5K in September that I will go to, and I can’t wait. I feel myself chasing that high.

For now, I will rest my legs, and although I know the pain will pass, I may miss it. It’s a reminder of the day when we all had one common goal, to help Tunnel to Towers do good.

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2 thoughts on “What it’s Like to Climb that High. Day 237.”

  1. So very proud of you all…I’m sure Roger walked every step with you whispering “you can do it, pain is good it’s weakness leaving the body”. Love you all. Great job.
    auntie sue ❣

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