543 Day Writing Journey

I Still Write. Day 244.

In about a month I will be at the halfway point of this writing excursion I began, the one to honor Roger. 543 days of writing, reposting, sharing, revising, and typing a simple message is still going, maybe not as strong, but still.

I write for work, too, whether it be communicating or writing property descriptions, so my craft is honed daily. I do notice, however, that when I have a busy day, or when work goes a bit longer, my writing is where I snip off the minutes to make more. It’s at the bottom.

Many projects have been pushed aside, like a cookbook I’m making for the boys, my lessons in InDesign, and of course, my memoir. Also, I haven’t had that feeling when I write, that satisfaction and excitement when I reread something that I successfully translated from my mind to “paper.”

I love working, but I miss loving writing. All writers go through ruts and dry spells, and I can’t wait for mine to end.

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