A Dollar. Day 248.

With a possible recession in our near future, it’s hard not to think of a dollar. We have been told to not spend too freely, save if we can, and watch out for the creepy scammers. I understand the domino-effect of recession, but not inflation. I do not know why it exists, but that it truly does, and here’s why:

  • A hundred bucks used to cover our groceries on the first and the fifteenth (military paydays). That also included Purina Dog Chow, Arm & Hammer laundry detergent, and Scott toilet paper.
  • One time I bought a golf club for Roger and it was for the wrong hand, so I had to get another one and was unable to return the original one. We were broke after that until payday.
  • We paid under $10,000 for our first new car.
  • Our first house cost $68,501.
  • A carton of Camel Lights was twelve bucks at the PX.
  • The Tooth Fairy used to give out coins.
  • Five bucks a week was a good allowance.
  • When I was a kid a Barbie doll was $7.99. I don’t know how much they cost now, but I bet it’s more than $7.99
  • We once paid eighty-six cents for a gallon of gas, so we would toss five buck in the tank and the needle would move.
  • Full-size candy bars, which are now called king-size, would go on sale for a quarter each.
  • Car insurance wasn’t $400 a month.
  • For fifty bucks you could get the fancy, high-end sneakers.
  • Penny candy existed.

I could go on, and we all know what the world is like now. It’s a little scary how much we rely on something that humans created. Money is dumb, and people say you don’t need it to be happy. Well, you do need it to live.

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