Missed Connections. Day 249.

Photo by Hernan Pauccara on Pexels.com

Missed Connections is a type of ad that is taken out by a person to find a stranger from a chance meeting they had. It is still being used in this modern day even though social media would most likely be more feasible. I think it’s sweet.

Maybe the strangers who bumped into each other had a conversation, a romantic connection, or there was simple flirting, but it’s not that particular moment that creates the urge to share numbers or even names, it’s the dawdling thoughts about that person that haunt the other after the meeting is over, at a time when it’s too late. (It can be an unromantic encounter as well.)

It’s an old-fashioned phenomenon, putting an ad in a crispy or online newspaper, telling the world that some stranger is a shining light in your mind’s attention. That person they are seeking has lingered in their thoughts, their face and the way they made them feel, marinating and taking over, distracting them from their daily lives.

Have you ever been at a stop light and locked eyes with someone, or at the grocery store reaching for the same orange as another and you traded shy smiles, or have you ever encountered someone you found intriguing at least? We’ve all stumbled upon another whom we’ve wondered about, and these people who are taking out ads on Craig’s List are wanting to do something about it. What’s wrong with the rest of us?

One of the ads I saw today says, “You were the shirtless skater in blue shorts, skating around greenfield lake around 2pm today. You also had a black moth tattoo on your stomach. You are so beautiful.”

If we take our minds out of the gutters and see this as genuine and endearing, how sweet would it be if the intended recipient of this ad would see it, reach out to the person, and something starts? It’s romantic, like a public love letter. They’re taking a chance at love. It’s so brave.

What if, however, someone took out an ad for you? What if you missed it? Why are we so afraid to open ourselves up? Well, these few people are not afraid. If you have a free moment, look up ads for Missed Connections, weed out the creepy ones, and imagine the love stories that never were. Maybe you were at the receiving end of it, and never knew.

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