Work Friends. Day 251.

I wiped the tin lids, put round, brown paper stickers on the jam I made last week, and wrote the words “Strawberry, May, 2022” on them. I also put some eggs, blue, tan, brown, and white, in the brown six-pack egg cartons, wrapped them in twine so they stay closed, and placed a sticker on each one that says, “Fresh eggs from happy chickens.” (I’m an 80’s kid. Stickers are everything.)

I took a photo to share with my aunt and uncle, and in the subject line I wrote, “For My Work Friends.” I paused.

I haven’t had work friends since 1998.

Our group now is so full of life, funny, passionate. I work in the office once a week and have so much fun. It may seem silly to some, but being in a building with a bunch of other people, including two of my very own sons, is something new to me, and I so love it.

We do traditional office stuff like order Camino Real for lunch, become silly about an hour before work is done, and we, in all our differences, have the same goal.

Working from home is important to me because I am homeschooling Baylee and this property has many moving parts, breathing components, heartbeats. It’s best that I’m at least ready to be here, even if I am working. But when I get to, yes, I said get to, go to work, silly or not, it makes me feel like I’m doing something.

The next time I go in, Sam, Max, and I will drive to the office, listen to music while we complain about the others who are sharing our same flat straight road, say it’s hot, and listen to Roger Miller and Post Malone.

Our momentum is still going strong. Forward ever.

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