543 Day Writing Journey

Kool-Aid in a Baby Bottle. Day 149.

When I had Tyler, I was seventeen. I wasn’t really sure about what I was doing, but we’ve evolved, and he forgives me.

We used to eat fast food too much, I stopped his crying with Oreos, and I can still picture the red Kool-Aid in his eight-ounce bottle.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Should I Look at the Body? Day 119.

Trigger warning. Boys, don’t read.

After Roger passed, I had many dark, chaotic thoughts swirling around in my head, some sensible, some not. They would hit me out of nowhere like in the cereal aisle at Food Lion or while sitting in the sun, watching the boys splash around in the pool. Most of them I didn’t want to share with the masses. Thankfully, I had people close to me who wouldn’t criticize me for declaring my anxieties about the plethora of decisions I had to make, like whether or not I should to see his body.

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