543 Day Writing Journey

Speaking of Wanda. Day 114.

Our Wanda. She looks a little chubby-butt in this photo, but she’s still quite ribby.

It’s been about eight years since we’ve had a young pup in the house, and we all forgot just how difficult it can be. We want Wanda to have manners so we can socialize and take her places, so training her is constant. We also don’t want her to eat our stuff like pillows and clothing, because it could hurt her, and well, we love our stuff. Most importantly, we don’t want anything to happen to her, so we have to monitor her always, including even when she’s in her crate sometimes, which we call a crib.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Our Word of the Month. Day 108.

Bet you can’t guess her name.


“Wanda, don’t do that!”


“Wanda, come inside!”

“Wanda, you’re a good girl.”

“Where’s Wanda?”

“Wanda, do you want a treat?”

“Spit it out, Wanda!”


“Wanda, sit!”

“Wanda, get out of the bathroom trash!”

“Wanda, come here!”

“Wanda, want to go outside?”

“Wanda, we love you.”

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543 Day Writing Journey

It is Time. Day 89.

Yankee, (bottom) was Gisele’s first mentor.

There’s never the perfect time to have a baby, just like there’s never a good time to add any member to the family, including the non-human kind.

Our pups are all pushing ten years old, which means they are a little slower than they used to be. It takes nothing away from their majestic spirits, but I’d love to add a new member to the pack while the ones who live here now are spry enough to show them the ropes.

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