543 Day Writing Journey

Lifespan. Day 64.

I had a smack-in-the-face realization the other day and had to make a decision where one of the factors is how long I will live.

We’ve been doing research about rescuing a pair of mini donkeys one day in the near future, so we will need a sleeping area, some hot fence, and knowledge.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Molly. Day 60.

Saturdays are for gratitude, and today I will talk about Miss Molly, the mini mule mare I met a few weeks ago at the Penderosa Rescue and Sanctuary in Willard.

When we saw Molly the first time, she was being quarantined until all her labs and tests came back clear from the vet before she could be with her new donkey friends. Today, she was alone in the pasture when we pulled up and parked, but then she quickly found us and introduced us to her new friends, Lilly and Gino. Molly was smiling and frisky, rolling on the floor and hopping instead of walking. She was always moving around and teasing her new friends, just so happy. The first time we saw her, she was easy to photograph, but today, she was blurry!

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543 Day Writing Journey

Our Town. Day 32.

Drizzle sprinkled the windshield as we drove down some new-to-us roads in our new town. Farms and fields were left and right peppered with Carolina pines and the occasional remnants of old, persistent barns. Small mobile homes and large brick houses, all with well-manicured lawns and straight mailboxes appeared once in a while, and churches stood short and tall while they welcomed and invited.

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