543 Day Writing Journey

The New Pups Meet the Queen. Day 62.


It’s Monday. Again. What an easy time we all had getting up this morning because of the time change, well, not the time change, but the clock change. The roosters did not get the memo and were crowing at 4:30. Baylee and I were the only humans home because Sammy and Max stayed at Tyler and Deaven’s this weekend to watch the pups because the two lovebirds had a work function. The newbs have been cleared by the vet to meet other dogs, so Baylee and I decided to drive to the beach this morning to allow Gisele, who is nine (and Tyler’s dog) to meet her new niece and nephew.

The sun was extra bright today in contrast to the past two cloudy days, and the air was almost warm. When we rolled up to Tyler’s condo, Max was outside with both pups on a leash. Instantly, Gisele’s hair raised, ears perked, and her deep rolling growl found its way to our ears.

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