543 Day Writing Journey

A Spooky Slap in the Face. Day 55.

Yesterday, I foolishly used a large, steel roasting pan to hold all the candy I had for the littles for when they came to the house and yelled, “Trick-or-treat!?!?” There were Kit Kats, Reese’s, Sour Patch Kids, and Heath Bars. I put on duck boots to hide my unpolished toes and a trucker cap to cover my unwashed mop, then waited for someone to walk down the long driveway to our front porch which is decorated with pumpkins, mums, and skeletons. Nobody showed up.

For the first year in many, I didn’t smell the cheap, pasty-white Walmart make-up and the over-spray of black hairspray didn’t threaten the cloth furniture or ecru wall. Nobody had to be told “say thank you” or “stay out of the road” and I didn’t check one Snickers for razor blades, needles, or miniscule tears in the wrapping. Yay me, right?

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