543 Day Writing Journey

Some Memories for the Boys. Day 186.

I have been keeping up with this 543-day writing challenge, journey, or whatever you want to call it for 185 days! Today, let’s call it a trek.

Max the pool up-chucker and Sammy the chicken-chewer

Although I do this in the memory of my late husband, I am writing for my boys to read one day. They do already, but them having a book of their mom’s zany ideas and some fun memoires we all share would be a cool thing, a treasure.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Seeds. Day 157.

“Where’s Sammy?” I asked Roger.

“He’s in the garden,” he said, nonchalantly.

There he was, not quite two years-old, wearing a Luv’s diaper, bright yellow rain boots, and a little Coppertone. His hair was cartoon blonde and his skin was summer brown. His cheeks were puffed out tight and his eyes were smiling at me, filled with mischief.

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543 Day Writing Journey, poetry

Purple. Day 46.

Revision in writing is what offers color to a piece, no matter the genre. I am forever editing and revising old works, and today have decided to paint a poem I wrote for a chapbook I put together a year ago, and the color I used is grape.

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