543 Day Writing Journey

Roger at Half Moon VFD

Currently, I am writing to honor my late husband, Roger L. Adams, Jr. As well as being a prior United States Marine and an Army Soldier, he was a firefighter for three departments in North Carolina. The department we fought fire together at was Half Moon V.F.D. in Jacksonville, NC. There, his badge number was 543, and the number has since been retired.

Roger was killed when the vehicle he was in drove over an IED on June 29, 2009. It took away four lives that day and changed many others. At the time of his death we had four sons, Tyler, 17, Samuel, 10, Maxwell, 7, and Baylee aka Doo, 2. The rebuilding process is ongoing, but with the support of many, we are learning to take steps forward.

In Roger’s memory, I will write a post each day for 543 days. I write poetry, recipes, general rants, lists, features, and revise old pieces of mine to share again. I talk about my husband quite often, but not always. Also there may be the occasional guest writer. Daily, there will be something new on my page, each one dedicated to him, the American hero.

Thank you for reading, wishing us well, and saying his name! Peace.