543 Day Writing Journey

Single-Use Shopping Bags. Day 540.

I thrive on accountability because of my pride, mostly, so when I announce to the masses that I will do something, I have no choice. Today, I’m officially making a pledge to stop using single-use bags.

We’re big water drinkers. Years ago, we stopped using single-use water bottles. Once in a while, we will have to grab one at the store, but that happens every year or so. We each carry reusable water bottles instead. It was an easy transition.

When I lived in Massachusetts, some towns and cities prohibited the use of plastic single-use shopping bags, and they charged a small fee for each paper bag you took away from the store. Some people don’t like it, saying the local government is being too controlling, but I am confident their goal is more environmental and not extracted from a bossy sentiment.

At first, I was concerned about how we would manage that because I was new to the concept. But then, it became habitual, and I even preferred using them. Reusable grocery bags are easier to handle. You can throw the strap over your shoulder, which leaves your hands free to open doors or carry another grocery bag. Also, the angular shape of the reusable bag makes it easy to stack items inside. They’re quite affordable, being about $1.29 each, and they hold so much more. It’s a no-brainer. They are also easy to clean, super cute, and duh, they help Earth!

There will be times when I cannot help but use single-use shopping bags, like when I do a grocery pickup. Some stores do not offer it as an option in that case. My efforts, however, are strong, and after this post they will be accounted for.

To read more about how limiting your use of single-use shopping bags will help our dear Earth, click HERE. If you scroll down a bit, you will surely find some numbers that shock you.

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