Thanks for visiting my page! Currently, I live in a small town in North Carolina thirty minutes from Wilmington called Willard. Its sweetness is surrounded by horses, stalks of corn, and hemp farms, and we have a store! I also call Western Massachusetts home, the place I spent the first twenty years of my life, a state I can’t seem to stay away from. The beaches with the warm salted air and the New England woods with crunchy brown oak leaves each call to me, so I answer to both.

My name is also Jack and I have a few trades. Writing is what I do best, especially poetry and feature stories. I also love to play songs on my red piano, visit Wilmington, NC, and bake sweet treats like cream puffs and crème brûlée. (There’s something about opening up a soft vanilla bean and scraping out the delicacies inside to watch them swim around in warm cream.)

The old me is someone who used to fight fire with the coolest group of people, and a girl who was married to an actual American hero, Sgt. Roger L. Adams, Jr., who was killed in Iraq on June 29, 2009. Together we share four sons.

The new me is growing, repairing, and moving forward while still allowing myself to look back. I am a recent graduate from Westfield State University in Massachusetts, summa cum laude. As a non-traditional student, I shared time with the most loving and talented group of professors and other English majors who all helped me grow when I thought I had already reached my full height.

In the past year I began my memoir about my life as a war widow and am committed to finishing it once things settle down from my recent move. I will complete the book in order to clear my mind and make room for the next big venture, some freelance work, and upcoming important blog projects.

I share a home with my three youngest sons, Sammy, Max, and Baylee aka Doo, and frequently see my oldest, Tyler, who graduated from North Carolina State. He lives and works on North Topsail Beach. We are kept company by four German shepherds, three cats, thirteen chickens, and a bearded dragon, Ringo.