543 Day Writing Journey

Amazing. Day 99.

Tyler took this photo. Isn’t it amazing?

There aren’t enough synonyms for the word amazing. A professor I had at Coastal Carolina Community College in Jacksonville, NC, told our class about a cool tool in Microsoft Word, where you can right-click on the word you want to find synonyms for, and it will offer you a list of them.

“Isn’t that cheating?” I asked her.

“It’s no different than using a thesaurus or the internet,” she said.

She’s right, too. Because of my use of the right-click synonym, I have learned more words and now use them from my mind-bank without using the tool. It’s my favorite feature of Word.

Anyway, when I right-click on amazing. I get awesome, incredible, wonderful, stunning, and marvelous. They’re all basic words, and just fine, but kind of boring.

I vowed about a year ago to stop using the word so much because it lost its powerful luster. I told my friends they were amazing, my kids, too. I also said a sunrise was amazing, good food was amazing, and a song was amazing. It’s still difficult to not overuse the word.

I’m truly not trying to be snobby, but am simply passing on a little advice to the word-users out there. Broaden your mind’s dictionary. If you’re reading this exciting post today, all the way to the end, be mindful of how many times you use the word amazing, and also how many times you see others use it. It’ll amaze you.

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