543 Day Writing Journey

Kombucha. Day 253.

Kombucha, an acquired taste with its pungent flavor and burning scent requires an open-minded palate, but that’s not the point.

Click HERE to read about the history and definition of it.

Now, the reason I write about kombucha is because of what it’s done for me. Although it did take me awhile to get used to the vinegar-like scent and flavor, I pushed through just to see if it was as good as I had heard and read. It comes in flavors like pink lady apple, passion fruit, and there are even spicy ones which make the most sense (because they distract you from the vinegar taste).

Here’s what happens: Do you ever eat something too rich, like Christmas fudge, gochujang salmon, or too much feta cheese on your salad, and it makes you feel a little blah? I think it’s a pretty common occurrence for people. When you couple rich food with kombucha, or swig some after, it takes that thick, heavy feeling away, I imagine like when you put vinegar down a clogged drain or clean a countertop with vinegar based cleaner.

I’m not saying to sip this for enjoyment, or to order it on a first date that may end in a late-night smooch, but I do think it’s worth a share. Don’t try it once, at least try it four times, let it burn your nose and offend those close by, then you may call me crazy, never drink it again, and be on your merry, queasy way.

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