543 Day Writing Journey

We’re Better Than This. Day 267.

Pet peeves are lovely in the way they slightly pretend to touch you just enough and never really admit they’re trying to be annoying.

They’re like a younger sibling or neighbor kid, one who sticks their greasy little finger half an inch away from you so you’ll say, “Stop touching me!” They always answer with, “I’m not touching you” while wearing a tiny pinched smirk covered in Oreo crumbs or red popsicle.

I probably have too many pet peeves like loud chewing, tough guys, and rude people, to name only a few, but one that angers me the most is public shaming of someone who simply doesn’t deserve it.

There used to be a page somewhere called People of Walmart and it was a collection of photos taken by insecure creeps. The subjects of their sub par photography were innocently shopping. The focus and point of this disgusting page was to poke fun at people who were overweight, wearing something that was outside the norm, of couples who didn’t “match,” or the worst, someone with a visible medical condition.

I saw it on Facebook years ago, and I used to have friends who would share the posts, and it’s simply a testament of who we are and how we treat each other. At the time, I believed I was being a little sensitive and should just laugh it off.

Recently I saw a Facebook friend of mine (whom I’ve since deleted) post an unflattering photo of a local person walking down the street. This means she had to sneak a photo of the innocent, unknowing stranger with the intention of sharing it with her friends. I won’t get into detail about what was “different” about her, but many people, some who are friends of mine, commented with jokes and rude, mean words.

Maybe I’m just not fun, but what if that person saw the post and all the mean comments on a photo of her on a stranger’s page? Is it worth taking the chance of hurting someone just for a few shallow laughs? Are we so insecure as a species, or is it a true matter of being mean, insensitive, maybe even a touch of evil?

Another thing, I have insecurities about going to the doctor. I don’t like it and never have (unless it was an ultrasound to see the babies). I have had friends in the medical field make fun of and complain about patients. How is that OK? Am I just too sensitive to mingle amongst the new creatures of the world, the humans? Or are we just accepting of this disgusting behavior, OK with it?

It could be a matter of audience. Maybe the person doesn’t think their insensitivity will reach people who may become offended or saddened by the post, but either way, is it worth it? We’re better than this.

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