543 Day Writing Journey

Vet Appointments, the Animal Kind. Day 288.

The cats and dogs are about to be due for their veterinarian appointments, and it grants me with heavy anxiety.

The cats are pretty easy. We will become bloody while we stuff each of the three of them humanely into their own carriers, walk into the vet office, and speak nicely to them while we wait. They won’t want to get out of the carrier when we have them in the exam room, but we will manage, they will get their shots and exams, and willingly go right back into their crates. When we come home it’s fun to let them out. See? Easy.

The dogs.

First of all, Wanda hates Jeep rides. She has to be harnessed and buckled into the middle back seat so she won’t tear up the headrests. She does it to take out her frustration about the cars and trucks who are trying to attack us. Thankfully she staves them off with her blood-curdling screams, bulging eyes, and dilated pupils. She is only due for one shot and will go alone.

The other three will go together. They all love Jeep rides, especially Gisele. They will smile and hang their big heads out of the windows while their drool streams down the glass. They will also be harnessed, but there’s no need to buckle them.

Although their manners are so much better than Wanda’s, they don’t like other dogs, so they will wait in the Jeep and go in one-by-one.

Tomorrow I will call and make appointments and we will pray for clean bills of health (most of all) and uneventful veterinarian trips, all three of them. Also, we will hope for our wallet not to be emptied.

3 thoughts on “Vet Appointments, the Animal Kind. Day 288.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    You’ll really have to watch out for that “white dog”, in the top left of your photo above!!! That is the dog who liked to show me his, (or her), pearly whites, along with his, (or her), snarl, during my visits to you!!!
    Does that dog have a name, or shall he, (or her), remain nameless??? (It’s not Cujo, is it)?!?
    Uncle Lee 🙂
    P.S. Perhaps a pair of gloves may be helpful with the cats?!? (I’m so glad that I will never have to bring cats to a vet)!!!


  2. Glad you’re still young enough to handle them. Me you’d find dead at the bottom
    of some stairs somewhere. You have a place in heaven, or fur-baby heaven.
    love you….
    ps. you crack me up.
    love you,
    auntie sue

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