543 Day Writing Journey

Dystopia. Day 294.

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.com

I don’t watch many shows or movies which are horrific or violent, but some I like have some unsettling moments, like Tarantino, Marvel and other similar science fiction. I don’t generally watch movies or shows of horror, war, or thriller (that’s a broad spectrum, but either way), but the genre that freaks me out the most is dystopian fiction like Handmaid’s Tale.

Now, I have only watched a few episodes so I can’t speak greatly on the topic of the series itself, and quite frankly, I don’t know if I can keep watching it, but I am going to try. I watched one yesterday evening after my work was done and before the boys came home from work, and it turned me.

I kept trying to put my finger on my mood in an attempt to diagnose it to complement my unending apologies to the boys. Crabby, grouchy, or moody, didn’t mirror my internal feelings. The only one I could come up with was angry. I was reeling, so mad about a show of fiction. (It is fiction, right?)

This is a subject I will revisit after I watch a few more episodes and after I am able to manage my own emotions after watching, because I need to talk about it. Last night I reached out to many people to ask if they had seen it. Many said no, and the few who said yes told me things like “Good luck” and “It’s terrifying.”

Well, she’s correct. It is terrifying.

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