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New Curriculum. Day 335.

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It’s hard to believe we are coming up on our second full school year with Baylee as a homeschooler! The first year was terrifying at first, but then we found a groove, some pretty awesome online groups, and fell into it.

He was learning using a program called Time for Learning. We did like many components of the online curriculum, but there was no way to study. The materials and content were hiding within the instructional videos. We needed to make some changes to something with more references and easier-to-find reference points.

We looked and looked and had no luck finding a secular-based textbook curriculum which used books instead of online content, then Baylee said, “What about Oak Meadow?”

“Is it secular?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said, “and they use textbooks.”

We spent hours looking on their website and seeing what they have to offer for high school classes, and were thrilled when we learned it checked off all the boxes. Also, they offer a military discount, which is good because it is not cheap.

For $660 he will have all the materials he will need for his full junior year of high school. I do not, however, have to pay school fees, buy him a new wardrobe, purchase school supplies, band fees, and I don’t have to worry about the gas I would spend taking him and picking him up.

He also has the ability to learn at his own pace without social issues getting in the way, good and bad, and he has the freedom to grow his mind and have one-on-one time with his teacher, me.

I wonder if my other boys would have done well as homeschoolers. It’s too bad I didn’t know more about it then, but I didn’t so there’s no reason to dwell. Hopefully someone will read this post and give it a try, or at least do some research to see if it’s a good fit for their littles.

Roger L. Adams School Class of 2024!

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