Memoir. Day 339.

Originally, my blog was to share memoir pages, which I did. I then set it down and started writing other stuff, called myself busy, and dreaded the day I would open my memoir again. Well, I just did.

I need and want to finish this memoir. It just makes me sad to work on it.

When I opened it up today, I reformatted it and took a peek at some of the words, which seemed kind of unfamiliar to me. Stiff and safe.

It made me wonder if one day I will be happy I waited to finish putting together the pages, because I was holding back big time. Maybe this time will be different, or maybe I will quit again and put it up for another year. Either way I have to try.

1 thought on “Memoir. Day 339.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    No matter what you may think of your memoir, (or the specific words you put, or don’t put down in it), the most important thing is that your boys will be reading it one day when you are gone, and that is what it is all about!!!
    You will have left for them, your own personal thoughts, dreams, feelings, concerns, and most of all, your words of everlasting love for them, their loved ones, and for those “new lives” they bring forth as time goes on!!!
    Uncle Lee 🙂

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