The Rocks. Day 345.

After we decided Gisele’s injuries warranted a visit to the emergency vet, we also made the fast decision about who would go, and it landed on me and Max.

This is another reminder that Roger is gone, the fact that I have to face something without him.

It would be a true luxury to lean equally on another, and although my boys are stellar rocks, I don’t have it in me to completely share the worry.

So many times in my life, I have heard, “My husband had to talk to them,” or “I’ll have my husband do it.”

Sometimes I become a little jealous and want to say, “Just do it yourself! Stop leaning on a guy!”

I just do it myself. I schedule the electrician to come out and I’m the one they have to deal with. I’m the one who took the little ones to the emergency room when their fevers were too high. I’m the one who fills the air in my tires, relocates the spiders in the house, and listens to people say, “Have your husband do it.”

I’m so lucky to have the boys to help me, and I do lean on them, but it would be nice if Roger had lived and I could still lean on him. That’s all.

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