Business Owners. Day 349.

I do wonder if it is common to be gently self-attacked with a bout of imposter syndrome when opening a business. I imagine so, just as with any great move in one’s life, there is a sense of worthiness-wonderment and who-the-heck-do-think-I-am that comes with the territory. Although I’ve had inquiries, even though I am not fully up-and-running, I do question my value during my tired moments.

But, then, I think of my family and the business owners in it currently and in the past.

My Nana owned a company called Hampshire Personnel in Northampton, MA. It used to be on Main Street amongst book stores and near Thornes Market, but then she found a newer, cleaner space near Taco Bell on King Street. We could smell the chili powder and cumin dancing around the air on a humid day. She would place people in careers that fit them well. When I was little, I would spend a lot of time in her office, drinking coffee or tea with powered creamer and too much sugar. I would use her typewriter to tell stories, make copies for her (I can still smell the toner.), and watch her in awe. My family’s business ventures don’t end there, though.

My paternal grandfather, Bennie, also owned a business. He was a roofer. I remember his very large, very black, very goopy tar kettle he had parked in the back yard of his duplex in Easthampton, MA. The scent will place me at a cousin’s backyard birthday party with cake and ice cream sandwiches, and it makes me think of their dog, a beagle called Duke. My grandpa worked with my uncles roofing for businesses all over the place, slopping hot tar on flat roofs all summer long, but that’s not all.

My brother has a business training dogs in North Carolina. I remember it consumed him in the beginning, but I also remember the fire in his eyes, and the day he showed us his new store front. We were all so excited for him.

I can do it. I am no imposter, just a small business owner of this company called MAESCRIBES in North Carolina. I have a dream, a short life, and a pocket full of abilities.

1 thought on “Business Owners. Day 349.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    If we do not find the strength to venture forth with our “dreams”, we will never know what the outcome may be…
    While I’m not certain that my father’s dream was to become a “roofer”, I admire the fact that he did take that chance one day, and went out on his own; instead of working for others as he did for all those years…
    While he never got rich; he did have the satisfaction of being his own boss, doing good work, and making his customers happy…
    I hope that you get to do the same thing with Maescribes, but that you will become financially comfortable in doing so, in the long run!!!
    Uncle Lee 🙂

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