Positivity. Day 364.

I’m not one of those cheerleader types, never have been. I try, however, to keep things on this blog positive because there’s enough in my life that is negative, and I don’t want to drown my audience in a warm pool of depression and woe-is-me sentiment, but I get frustrated, too.

Sometimes, though, it’s difficult. My direction and forward progression is being challenged by evils and their friends who sit in the dark corners and wait for me to become settled and comfortable. Happiness is temporary, we all know that, and nothing remains the same, we all know that, too.

As far as my support for others goes, that’s strong, but my individual celebrations and professional aim are hitting all sorts of road blocks. (InDesign, for example, can take a hike.) Maybe I’m being selfish to want more out of life.

For now, I will focus on our health and good fortune, and I will create more faith from a place that I know exists within me, that the other parts will repair themselves.

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