543 Day Writing Journey

Samsung Vacuum. Day 366.

Warning!: Exciting content!

If you have dogs, cats, or floors, get a Samsung vacuum. It’s called a Samsung, Jet 70 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum with Lightweight Design, and I’m in love.

Actually, so are the boys. I’ve seen them, without being asked, walk to the laundry room and come out with the vacuum. Then, they go in their room and I hear a whirring sound. They exit their room, walk back into the laundry room, and hang the vacuum back up.

There’s a newer model now, but if you are a reader of mine and are in need of a vacuum, give this one a good hard look. It’s a little pricey but not Dyson pricey, and Samsung brand I stand by and have for years.

It’s lightweight, clean, easy to empty, and it has attachments. Also, no cords! It’s easy to set up the hanging station which charges it. All you do is grab it and start vacuuming.

(And no, they’re not paying me to say this. I wish!)

1 thought on “Samsung Vacuum. Day 366.”

  1. You should send a picture of all your animals and boys…brag about the vacuum and maybe they will pay you for advertising how good it works!
    đŸ˜‰auntie sue

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