COVID Takes. Day 387.

Baylee seeing if I needed anything.

COVID is still lingering around our house, infecting a new person whenever it wishes. So far, Sammy and I have tested positive, Baylee doesn’t feel well but tested negative so far. Max has been hiding in his room or going to school masked so he may avoid it.

Here are some things I’ve noticed that are worth mentioning:

  • What’s with the sweating?
  • Isolation is intended to help contain the infection within one person, but it surely can be depressing. Last night, for example, the sun set and dark covered our area of Earth. I was tired and frustrated and kept thinking about the chores, writing, visiting, tending to my own hygiene, etc., so it made me feel somewhat melancholy.
  • It’s plain old freaky having COVID in the house especially with how it began in 2020. I understand the strains are less deadly, but it’s still intimidating.
  • The virus itself is almost tangible in the way it affects the light and the way I look at my cats, my room, the boys, the trees outside.
  • Why is it a secret if people have it. When Sammy tested positive, right away I asked him if it was OK to share on social media so anyone who was exposed would know. “Of course,” he said. It’s the kind thing to do. The right thing.
  • I had a meniscus tear years ago and it hasn’t given me problems since. Out of nowhere, I felt it again yesterday. What’s up with that?
  • I felt really hungry all day until it was time to eat.
  • Thank you, Max, for picking up Which Wich sandwiches and milkshakes for us yesterday.
  • Today is a better day. I am thankful.

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