543 Day Writing Journey

Fiction. Day 401.

A very talented classmate from years ago reached out to me to say hello. It’s funny how something like that has the ability to trigger memories deep inside you that have been dozing for some time, hidden in a brain closet. Actually, it’s been in a seven-year slumber, waiting impatiently to be released. The beast that was nudged is this thing called fiction.

My sons continuously mention to me that I should pen fiction again. We love watching fiction stories together, mostly of the science type, but it’s been too many years since I’ve used my imagination to make something up like I did years ago.

“The Green Washcloth” is a story that was published in our school paper at Coastal Carolina Community College years ago, and although it makes me cringe to read it now, I wonder if it would be fun to revise it. I also wonder, with my unemployed mind, if I should start something from scratch.

Here is a copy of the story I penned in 2015. It might be easier to read it using your browser and not the app for the sake of your pupils. It would be fun to make this into a novella or maybe I should just leave it be and start something new. Either way, I’m awake:

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