543 Day Writing Journey

A Good Bra. Day 403.

Photo by THIS IS ZUN on Pexels.com

“Always make sure you have a good bra, Teresa Mae,” Nana has said to me a time or forty.

“I know.”

“Well, it’s important,” she said. “It should fit you well, give you good support, always be clean, and in good shape.”

It’s very light advice, nothing that changed my life much. I do heed the advice very strictly, and would never don the garment if it was in disrepair. It’s one of those things I do spend a little more money on than most.

It’s funny how decades-old advice can remain fresh in your mind even when it’s not seemingly important. It’s even funnier how some advice from others dissipates and never sticks to your morals or values. We really do choose what to absorb and what not to don’t we?

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