543 Day Writing Journey

When Your Trendiness Stops. Day 405.

Photo by superlens photography on Pexels.com

People share memes and jokes about dads and their faded blue jeans and white New Balance sneakers that are stained green from mowing the lawn.

“He’s stuck in the eighties,” people say.

I’ve noticed lately that I am not in love with many new trends, but I want to put some effort into at least trying. I’m not ready to be pointed at and teased because of my inability to keep up with the current trends. Some, however, I will never latch onto, and here they are:

  • Bold, dark, giant eyebrows can look out of place. I wonder what happens when one sweats or if that makeup can rub off and smear all over the person’s face. I have never had an abundance of eyebrows so they would look completely out of place on my face.
  • Scrunchies; Come on people, are we really doing this again? They never held my hair in place anyway!
  • Jean jacket and jeans combo. #no
  • Giant glue-on eyelashes. If you can’t see the eye, it’s too much.

That’s four for me. Does it mean 2022 will be the year my fashion sense becomes lost forever? I don’t think so. Today more than ever, pretty much anything is on the table when it comes to trends, so I think I’m safe for now, but it has officially started.

2 thoughts on “When Your Trendiness Stops. Day 405.”

  1. Sorry Teri…I love my scrunchies, they don’t rip the hair I have left out of my head…and my forehead hairline is no longer receding from being pulled so tightly by covered elastics that give me headaches…
    I mostly wear them in the house.
    Auntie Sue ❤

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