543 Day Writing Journey

I’ve Been Hushed. Day 408.

I opened my Facebook this morning to see what the world was up to, and noticed a notification that my latest post was taken down because it goes against “Community Standards.”

I’m quite vanilla when it comes to posting, and I don’t share anything controversial, offensive, or even political, so I was curious about what post they were talking about.

It was a post celebrating my “Life Event” where I shared that I started a new job as an owner/operator of Maescribes. People commented on it wishing me well and celebrating my exciting new venture, but apparently Facebook thinks I’m in the sex worker industry, or one of my “friends” does.

I did some research to see what could cause this to happen, and was surprised to see that people will sometimes report your posts just to stir the pot. I’m sure nobody on my page would do this, and although there is nothing in my post or link that would cause it to be flagged, I will simply wait until they put it back on my page.

To be clear, Maescribes is a writing service business. Hopefully Facebook will allow the post to remain because I love looking at all of the well-wishes. They fuel me.

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