543 Day Writing Journey

Hard to Feed Them. Day 410.

Photo by Mark Stebnicki on Pexels.com

It is almost impossible to feed all of my boys one meal. We all eat so differently! Although it can be a pain, I am grateful and proud that they have chosen their diets on their own. Like I said before, if they don’t like it, I don’t make them eat it. Taste buds are made for a reason.

Here are a few of the challenges:

  • Tyler won’t eat onions, sour cream, pickles, dried beans, or cooked peppers. There’s more, but he’s evolved in some ways.
  • Sammy does not eat meat, but that’s pretty much it for him. He likes almost all veggies, too, including onions.
  • Max also does not eat meat, and he won’t eat pickles.
  • Baylee, well he does eat meat (not chicken), but will not eat vegetables. He will watch me put a handful of spinach or kale into a fruit smoothie and will still love it, so it’s not a mental thing for him (unlike Tye). In the past year, he started eating a little lettuce on his grinder. Other than veggies, he won’t eat pickles, fish, dried beans, cold cheese unless it’s on a taco, many fruits, and so much more. He is my pickiest eater.

Even though it can be a pain to create some type of meal for them all, it is a fun challenge. I’m just happy we’re all together in the same state, so a little effort is something I embrace.

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