543 Day Writing Journey

Sherry’s Back! Day 417.

Baylee and Willie

Roger’s sister is back in North Carolina to stay! After much thought and consideration, and many emotions and sleepless nights for her, she has decided to start her life over, and single-handedly did all she needed to do to start fresh.

My pride for her is overwhelmingly immense for finding the strength to take charge of her life, and for deciding to make a very scary move that will offer her peace and so much support from her NC family. We are thrilled to have her here, but more than that, we are excited to see her thrive and be happy.

Yesterday we met her at her place and helped her unload and we were able to meet her sweet pup, Willie, and when we said “goodbye” nobody cried.

She’s about 45 minutes away but it’s an easy drive and so much better than eight hours. Also, if you know Sherry, you know she is happy to be near the beach.

Cheers to Sherry and to her Day One. This is where life gets good!

2 thoughts on “Sherry’s Back! Day 417.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    We are very happy for you to have Roger’s sister Sherry down there, close to you and the boys, and we’re sure that she is equally as happy to be near all of you!!!
    Enjoy your time together, and have fun!!!
    Uncle Lee 🙂

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