543 Day Writing Journey

Christmas Chain. Day 452.

Each year we make a Christmas chain. It consists of alternating red and green (if we have it) construction paper that’s either stapled or taped. Mild content, yes, but this is truly a sacred item I speak of, so please bear with me.

The links each represent one day to show us how much time we have before Santa Claus comes to the house. The boys, still to this day, argue over who gets to rip the chain when that day is officially over. It’s endearing to me at this point so I don’t attempt to remedy it. (Do not tear a link until the day is completely over, so after midnight. I don’t know why, maybe I’m superstitious, or as Michael Scott says, “a little stitious,” and I’m afraid to jinx the gift of a day.)

Make a chain! Create it from old magazines, paper bags, thick wrapping paper, or anything you like. It’s a fun Christmas tradition that links us to the past. Pun intended.

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