Leaky Sink. Day 460.

Water kept puddling on the floor in the kitchen this morning, but I thought nothing of it. Between my four dogs and Tyler and Deaven’s two dogs, a few puddles of water are not unusual.

It didn’t seem to be dissipating so I looked under the sink and saw a good amount of water. I turned off the supply.

I’m kind of excited about changing it out. Nobody wants to spend money on a new faucet but I’ve been wanting to get one for some time, so home project it is! I’ll start tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Leaky Sink. Day 460.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    One “special” tool that may be needed to loosen up the nut(s) located at the bottom of your existing faucet, is called a “basin wrench”… It is a “telescopic” tool with adjustable jaws, (like jaws on pliers), and it allows for you to reach up behind the sink basin from underneath the sink, and loosen / tighten nuts that hold the faucet in place…
    It makes things a bit easier, when trying to take out the existing faucet, and tightening up for the new faucet…
    It’s also a good idea to apply what we call “pipe dope”, (a thread sealant), to those connections for the nuts on the hot / cold water shut-off valves, as well as to the hot / cold water supplies to the new faucet…
    You may also wish to purchase some “plumber’s putty” to mold and apply to the bottom of your new faucet, and hose spray fitting…
    Of course, if you check out U-Tube, you’ll find many more helpful tips on how to “swap out” your kitchen faucet for a new one… Best of luck to You!!!
    Uncle Lee 🙂

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