543 Day Writing Journey

I Got A Job. Day 490.

Today I went to Coastal Carolina Community College in Jacksonville to fill out forms, take a photo for my ID, and get an employee parking pass. I start work on Thursday!

I will be working part time in the library Writing Center assisting students with their writing assignments, and I cannot wait!

It is the perfect complement to Maescribes, and just enough time away from home to miss it. The winter recluse in me is starting to reappear which can contribute to depression and general anxiety, so the timing is perfect.

While I was walking around campus this morning, I stopped to watch and listen to two red shouldered hawks bicker with their voices, and I waited for some Canadian Geese to cross the walkway. People smiled, the sun was shining brightly through the cold air, and I even read some Toni Morrison in the cafeteria while I waited for the security office to open. I was truly in my element.

We Adams are steadily moving in a straightforward, fluid direction, and I am grateful.

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