543 Day Writing Journey

Lists. Day 492.

Writers, do you have a list of topics you wish to write about? Is it on your phone, computer, or on paper with real ink? The what-should-I-write-about list in my phone is getting longer and longer, but I don’t write about those topics because I’ve been so busy lately, and they’re too important to rush.

We all have lists, right? I need lists. If I want more than two items at the grocery story, I write them down or I will forget. (I don’t remember the time I needed only two items, but still.) If not, I walk in through the swishing doors, see all the colors and bright lights, and instantly forget why I’m there.

Yesterday, I told Baylee I had a writer’s mind. I look at weird details and sometimes miss the big picture. That is why I am no good at direction, and that is why I CRS (Look it up.) when I’m in search of bread or milk at Food Lion.

We make lists for Christmas, groceries, goals, topics, etc. There’s a multi-million-dollar market for notepads and apps where we can jot down our future needs because we know we will forget.

So, today is for you, list makers. Take those brand new planners and notebooks out of the junk drawer and start writing. Draw happy faces or play M.A.S.H. There is no shame in the remembering game.

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