543 Day Writing Journey

Puzzles. Day 494.

I received jigsaw puzzles for my birthday and Christmas this year. I’ve always loved doing them. It’s calming exercise for the brain, and it taps into the nostalgic pockets of the mind.

Roger and I used to put together Thomas Kinkade puzzles, glue them, then frame them. We had them hanging on the walls of our bedroom, living room, and many were decking the long skinny hallway of our sweet home on Tarawa Terrace military base. The frames were gold and gaudy, but they were trendy at the time.

After some time, I tossed the puzzles. Either the frame would break and we would lose pieces, or we were simply done looking at them. It made sense.

Man what I would do today to have one of those puzzles. The pieces were placed by me and Roger. I am unsure why I hold onto this wish so desperately, because, I mean, it’s not possible. It’s just one of those things, I suppose, one of those many many things I must let go of.

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