543 Day Writing Journey

Home Alone. Day 511.

Photo by Sebastian Arie Voortman on Pexels.com

Last night, the boys all spent the night at Tyler’s watching WWE and eating pizza and grinders from Michelangelo’s.

“Will you be OK, Mom?” they each asked me separately the day before.

“Of course,” I said, laughing, maybe a little too enthusiastically. My façade was in jeopardy of being discovered.

I didn’t really want them to go, but I didn’t and wouldn’t say that. I want them to spend all their time with each other, and will never block that. But dang, it was weird.

Once nightfall started to take over, my senses were extra aware. I wasn’t afraid of bad guys or monsters, but of being far from the boys. I always feel that way with Tyler living an hour away, but it was multiplied by four.

The bad guys and monsters would have been eliminated and disintegrated by the dogs who were hyper-aware by the lack of people in the house. Wanda, who usually sleeps in Baylee’s room, barked more than usual and kept running from the front door to the back. I never felt creeped out and slept quite well actually.

Is it normal to not want the house to yourself? Don’t empty-nesters want, well, an empty nest? Do singular empty-nesters have a different perspective than a couple?

Either way, the pups and I all slept in the living room and watched Modern Family. I tried not to text the boys. (They texted me which was nice.) It made me aware of what my future holds. I do state frequently and adamantly that I like being single, but maybe not forever. I may have to take in a border.

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