543 Day Writing Journey

Thirteen Years. Day 295.

The headlights from our white Chevy Venture van lit up the front yard of Shamrock Drive, exposing the freshly-cut green grass and the real brick façade that protected the bottom front of our little home. The hunter green front door opened and Roger, hair still wet and sticking up from his shower, walked out. He had on his plaid pajama bottoms and a clean white t-shirt. He was holding the front of his PJ’s just above the knees so they wouldn’t touch the ground. His skin was sun-kissed and squeaky clean.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Independence. Day 75.

Me after exiting the entanglement box following a successful escape

“Is your husband handy with power tools?” The plumber was referring to a small piece of baseboard that needed trimming.

“I don’t have a husband and I know how to use power tools,” I said, smiling.

He apologized.

“It’s OK,” I said. “Really.”

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