543 Day Writing Journey

A Warm Blanket. Day 183.

A few weeks ago, I shared how we were saved by the Tunnel to Towers Foundation when they gave us a house. Yes, a house! CLICK HERE to read about it.

Yesterday, I came home from being away for a few hours, and there was a cardboard box on the table.

“I didn’t order anything,” I said to Max. “Who’s it from?”

“Tunnel to Towers,” he said. We both smiled.

I opened it and inside was a soft, warm blanket with lady bugs covering the fabric. I untied the fabric ribbon that kept it folded and held the blanket up, then hugged it to me.

With the blanket was a note saying Nestle with Nana is the one who shared the beautiful blanket.

There are multiple groups, organizations, and individual people who share items they so graciously create, with people like me and the boys who have lost loved ones. They do it for first responders, military Gold Stars, and many other survivors.

Sometimes we receive cards from people we don’t know, trinkets with Roger’s name engraved on them, and so many blankets. (If you know me, you know I love blankets.)

Something else I so appreciate is the hand-written note from the kindest people at T2T. The message is always heartfelt and personal, never typed, and always treasured by me and the boys.

Opening a special gift like this always creates a sweet moment that makes us feel cherished and appreciated. We live with our loss every day and always will, and to know others recognize that offers us strength in numbers by telling us we’re not alone.

Thank you, Nestle with Nana for the warm blanket, and thank you, Tunnel to Towers, for welcoming us into your family, for treating us as one of your own, and for keeping us company on this journey that is grief. You’ve offered us more tools to find our way.  

Click here to see why I’m writing: 543

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