543 Day Writing Journey

One Meeno Plant. Day 206.


First of all, I must address the word “meeno.” It’s a word that was created by the one and only Samuel Adams when he was a tot. I recently mentioned Sam’s obsession with tomatoes when he was small, and the word is still running smoothly through our family chats.

Recently, we had some freezing nights here, and it was after we planted our veggies and herbs. We lost some basil plants, a few peppers, and fifteen tomato plants. (We had sixteen.) I mentioned we’ll have to dig them up and start over, all but the lone survivor.

“What if it saw the others die?” Sam asked. “We should dig that one up, too.”

I started laughing, looked at Sam, and saw that he wasn’t laughing.

Of course we will keep the surviving tomato plant which we call Olaf for obvious reasons, and dig up the rest. We will offer it much love and hope. Please do the same.

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