543 Day Writing Journey

Half-Age. Day 312.

We don’t talk about half-age enough. It’s not a half-birthday, but when your child for once in their life is half your age.

Sammy will be my half-age on Monday. He will turn twenty-four, which is of course the age I was when I had him. I’m glad I realized this, because I think it’s just cool, and also because I missed Tyler’s when I was thirty-four.

When Max turns twenty-seven he will be my half-age, and when Baylee turns, gulp, thirty-two we will celebrate with an early sitcom and prune juice.

It is reflective-inducing to look at your child knowing they are the same age you were when you had them. It shows you yourself in a way, your past.

I just need to remember these cool dates of phenomenon, and I hope you do, too.

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